Thunder Floral Party Blazer



Fortune definitely favours the bold in this striking blazer. Not necessarily suited for the office, but most definitely suited for you. Like most 7 Downie St. sport coats, the Thunder has a generous amount of stretch, allowing you to look your best without compromising comfort.

48% polyester, 48% viscose, 2% elastane.
Stretch jersey knit fabric. Partially deconstructed (1/4 lined, soft, natural shoulder padding, no canvasing). Each sport coats breast pocket lining matches the lining of inside of the coat, allowing for use of a pocket square. Flap pockets. Two button closure. Notch lapel with pick stitching. Zippered inside pockets for maximum security. 5 button sleeve placket, that way if the jacket needs to be shortened, there are still enough buttons on the sleeve. Side vents.