Celtic Gentlemen

“We love authenticity and embrace quality in everything we do. Celtic Tweed was started to reflect our beliefs; beautiful tailoring in every stitch and button sewn. A company born from our desire to create a specialist collection of luxury men’s tweed jackets and waistcoats.”

  • Nehru Tweed Jacket (multiple colors)

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  • Navy Irish Wool Coat

    $795.00 Select options
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  • Burgundy Plaid 3-Piece Suit

    $895.00 Select options
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  • Tweed Bow Tie-Red Plaid

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  • Tweed Bow Tie-Green Plaid

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  • Tweed Bow Tie-Green Herringbone

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  • Blue Herringbone Tweed Jacket-Size 40R only

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  • Green Herringbone Tweed Jacket-Size 48R only

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If nothing is displayed here, that means we are currently sold out of this product.

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  • Mezlan Asahi Exotic Sneaker

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  • Bill Water Repellent Suede Horse Bit – French Roast

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  • Cameron Water-Repellent Suede Sneaker – Marine

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