Curious About Our Colorful Men’s Shirts?

Everard’s Clothing has a long history of making and providing great men’s shirts. We offer a range of dress and sport shirts from several designers as well as custom shirts which can be created in any style.

Everard’s carries the Robert Talbott Estate Collection which is 100% American designed and produced in Talbott’s Monterey, California workshop. This factory has been exquisitely creating handcrafted garments for over 50 years with immense attention to detail and quality. For instance, Talbott uniquely builds a real placket meaning the placket is a separate piece which is attached to the front of the shirt preventing it from creasing or buckling.

In 2013, Everard’s partnered with Robert Talbott to design a new shirt collar now named the “Louis” after our founder. This collar features a higher collar band at 1 ½ “ in front. The benefit is that the collar stands up and does not collapse under the jacket lapel even when worn without a tie. This collar is unique to Everard’s Clothing.

Everard’s stocks a range of Estate shirts in our shop with the added option of doing custom or special order via the Robert Talbott fabric books with over 400 fabrics to choose from. Delivery time is approximately four weeks.

Montaliani Shirts – Made in Italy

Our Italian made shirts from Montaliani are handmade shirts with many options in terms of collar and cuff choice as well as fabric. We are also in love with the fit and construction of these shirts. The armhole is rotated to ensure a flattering fit at the chest.

The inside front band is also 1 1’2” high, similar to the Robert Talbott Louis collar, but in addition, the second button from the top is placed high enough to keep the collar standing high under the jacket even when worn without a tie.

The shirt has an 8th button near the hem keeping the shirt tucked inside the pant. Montaliani has also included removable stays which are sewed into the hem of the shirt for travel, a unique feature not seen on other shirts.

To make your shirt unique and suited to your needs, we have a range of options for collar style, cuff style, button and thread collar.

These unique details and construction techniques guarantee a well fitting shirt which will wear well over time and provide function and styling for your wardrobe needs.

  • Collar stays sewed into the hem of the Montaliani shirt.

    Collar stays sewed into the hem of the Montaliani shirt.

  • Armhold rotation provides fit and comfort.

    Armhold rotation provides fit and comfort.

  • The "Louis" collar by Robert Talbott

    The “Louis” collar by Robert Talbott