Convertible Embroidered Lace High Low Skirt-Size 10 only


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This fun take on an evening separate is fully festivity ready!

An eye for detail may notice the whimsical embroidered pencil-etching-like motifs of an Eifel Tower with T-Rex and a cheerful “Lucky You” scripted in red sequins on netting.

The metallic jacquard border at its hem provides structure for great shape and weight for great swing action when walking.

A cherry blossom printed lining grins through the face fabric adding additional interest and dynamism when the skirt is in motion.

Features a decorative and comfortable elastic side and back waistband with double separate layers of jacquard ribbon at the front waistband, the upper layer of which turns back to fasten to the sides and reveal the pant, short, tapered skirt or even bikini bottom you might be rocking underneath it.

Surprisingly versatile, you might decide to wear this skirt by day with a T-shirt and our black cargo pant and be the party wherever you happen to go!